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Classes in May 2014

History of Art by Nick Shaddick

(Open to the public call 01580 767611 to book your place)

“Fantastic Lecturer, Truly enjoyable”

CezanneNick Shaddick is an expert in art history, and an experienced lecturer including lecturing at the National Portrait Gallery, and the V&A. His enthusiasm for the subject captures his listeners imagination. He has been running courses at the London Beach for almost two years and is definitely worth the time if your interested in learning more about art. Next course starts Tue 7th January.


Evening group, Tuesdays 6.30-8.30

Title: Post-Impressionism from Toulouse-Lautrec to Picasso
Many of the world’s most famous painters worked in France in the last decades of the nineteenth century. Amongst others we’ll be looking at the work of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Matisse and Picasso . Website link for more information on the course.


Afternoon group, Tuesdays 3.30-5.30

Title: British Design and Decorative Art in the Nineteenth Century
Ten lectures that will introduce the ground-breaking work of British designers in the Victorian Age: We’ll cover the Gothic Revival, The Arts & Crafts Movement, industrial and commercial design and British interpretations of the international Art Nouveau style. website link for more information


Evening group - French post impressionism (10 weeks)
Afternoon Group - British design & decorative art (10 weeks)

Dates: 15th April, 22nd/4, 29th/4, 6th/5, 13th/5 20th/5  27/5 3/6  10/6 17/6

Members: £50

Non-members: £55

Practical Art Lessons with Joanne Weaver

(Open to the public call 01580 767611 to book your place)

Art classesInterested in developing your artistic ability? Joanne Weaver’s Art Classes are a fun way to develop your practical artistic skills in a small informal group —materials are part of the tuition cost.
Joanne Weaver works as a professional artist, her sculpture has been selected for 2012 Threadneedle.

Her classes offer a great opportunity to explore various forms of visual art and develop different areas of interest. They are suitable for any level of ability and are kept small so that Joanne can give every member personal attention during the class.

Next Course : 4 lessons

Dates: 30/4, 7/5, 14/5, 21/5

Starts 30th April 2014 - Price £48

Following classes:

June 2014: 6 lessons

Start Date: 4th June 2014 - Price £72

Dates: 4/6, 11/6, 18/6, 25/6, 2/7, 9/7

Art Classes are run throughout the year - contact the spa reception on 01580 767611 to find out when the next class begins.

Classes are held on Wednesday and are from 10:00am—12:30pm at the London Beach Hotel.
Maximum of 10 people

Ballroom DancingBallroom Dance Classes

(Members Only)

Ballroom Dancing classes are very popular with 2 classes a week, offering members a fun way to keep fit and socialise.

Learn the basics of the Waltz, Foxtrot, American Smooth and many more.....

Classes on going - contact the spa reception on 01580 767611 to find out when the next courses begins.

Wednesday at 18.30

Thursday at 19:00

£18/ 6 week course

All abilities welcomes

Mindfulness Course

(Open to the public call the spa reception on 01580 767611 to find out more or book your place)

"Finding Peace in a Frantic World"Mindfulness

Life can be relentless, frantic and ex-hausting – but it doesn't have to be this way…

MINDFULNESS reveals a set of simple yet powerful practices that you can incorporate into daily life to help you break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion. It promotes genuine joie de vivre; the kind of happiness that gets into your bones and seeps into everything you do. This course is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).
Run by Gina Langley

Gina Langley  is a Counselling Psychologist with 20 years experience working with families, children and adults in many different settings.  She provides assessments, counselling for individuals and families, and training on a range of topics including Mindfulness, Anxiety and Traumatic Bereavement. She also has extensive experience of working alongside doctors, psychiatrists,  family therapists, teachers and social workers. She has worked for 10 years in hospitals and private practice and worked for 10 years palliative care in London and in Kent.  Gina now works solely in private practice based in Tenterden, Kent and Uckfield, East Sussex.

The Course will run for 8 weeks from the January to March 2014 starting on Thursday 23rd January 2014 at 11am .  Each weekly module will be 2 hours with a short break.  The course will cost £60 per person, to include all handouts.

Week 1

Icebreaking and housekeeping - Why am I here? - What is mindfulness – how we function on 'automatic pilot' and what we miss when we do - Learning basic foundation breathing exercises
Week 2

Learning to 'Bodyscan' to help explore the difference between thinking and feeling
Week 3

Mindful movement – how to know your own physical and mental limits and use your body to help untangle your mind!
Week 4

How to stop 'overthinking'
Week 5

Exploring difficulties – facing (rather than avoiding) that arise in our lives
Week 6

Why do I give myself such a hard time? Learning to be nicer to yourself
Week 7

How our daily pattern affects our moods – how to make the best daily choices for you
Week 8

Weaving mindfulness into your life and the way forward


London Beach Tai Chi

(Members Only)

Taught by an expert in Tai Chi who has taken the sport to competition level

Ongoing classes for beginners and intermediate level.

Yang Style

Tai Chi

Call the Spa reception on 01580 767611 to find out more

Interpreting the Past - The Story of the Designed Landscape


Formal garden(Open to the public call 01580 767611 to book your place)

This eight week course in garden history will discuss some of the main garden design styles through history and look at the key design features that define them, and how they influence (if they do) garden design today.

Week 1 - A Garden History Overview (introduction) Early Gardens to include Ancient Egyptian garden design.

Week 2 - Persian and Islamic Garden Design.
Roman and Medieval Garden Design.

Week 3 - Italian Renaissance and Baroque Garden Design

Week 4 - French Baroque Garden Design (Louis XIV and his gardens)

Week 5 - The English Landscape Movement and its Gardens

Week 6 - The Arts and Crafts Movement and its Gardens

Week 7 - The Plant Hunters

Week 8 - Modernist and Post-Modernist Garden Design.
Study of the two gardens to be visited on the study day.

Course Dates
Thursday May 8 – Thursday June 26

7pm - 9pm

members - £130 / non-members £150

Course Study Day
Visit to Upton Grey Garden and Painshill - Study day date to be decided.

London Beach Book Club

(Open to the public call 01580 767611 to book your place)

Our book club is held in the Spa Juice Bar about every 4 to 6 weeks. We are a very informal group of people and we would be delighted to have more members to broaden the discussions and open up a new choice of books.

Please contact Jean Hamilton on 01580 241265 or email j.hamilton007@btinternet.com if you have any questions

Next Book Club session starts on 7th May

Book Club Tenterden

Call 10580 767611 to find out more about classes