Charity Fundraising

Charity Fundraising with the London Beach Charity Scheme

Charity fundraisingIs your charity missing out on desperately needed funds?

Total Donations

Celebrating £70,000.00 donated to charities in 2011 and £78,185.00 donated to charities in 2012 and £121,218.91, donated in 2013, with £144,004.26 donated in 2014

Since the scheme started in 2011 £413,408.26 has been donated to charities and clubs.

Raising money for charity while having fun. Dinner Dances, Golf Competitions and Lunches, Sunday Lunches, High Teas & Barbecues.

With the value of the food at all events being donated back to the named charity.

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How it works

The Charity Events at London Beach raise much needed funds with the total value of the food bill (excluding drinks) being donated back to the specified Charity or local good cause.

Past Events

In July the Zion Baptist Church organised Sunday Lunches and received £1,117.25 donated back by London Beach. In June Tenterden Rotary organised a dinner dance and received back £1,595.00 for their charity work


Peter Costain receiving a cheque from Phil Bogdanovski, general manager of London Beach Hotel, for £6,885.00 on behalf of Tenterden Day Centre after one of their functions