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Fitness Retreat


London Beach Fitness Retreats are residential breaks for those seeking improvements in weight loss or general fitness and a lifestyle change. Our fitness retreats are designed to offer a great kick start to introducing new ways of working out, eating better and taking the first step towards your new lifestyle which will bring you good health and a long active life.

What's included: 

Get fitYou will be introduced to a variety of training techniques to promote weight loss and fitness improvement. But perhaps even more valuable is the knowledge you will gain that you will take away with you once your fitness retreat is complete, it is this that will support a long-term change. Our team of professional trainers are experienced in working with individuals and groups to achieve great results.

You will learn about training techniques so that you can make the best decisions when choosing exercise suited to your goals.  You will gain information that will guide your choices and lead you to a healthier lifestyle that will result in increased vitality and a much improved chance of enjoying a long and active life.

2 Day Weekend Retreats            From £279 per person

3 Day Weekday Retreats            From £399 per person

Groups Discount Available on groups of 5 or more.


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